Hairy Flag 3 - Patersonia rudis

Wild Beauty is............

fascination with the beauty of our wildflowers.

After a long career in IT, taking photography seriously came later in life but how serious can it be when you have so much fun and get so much joy from the activity.

Living in the Perth hills very close to some large areas of natural bush provides many reasons to go out for an hour and return in three because the batteries died!

All of my early years I lived in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, lots of gold mines but also lots of bush easily accessed by bike or on foot.  Don't tell anyone but I used to pick Mulla Mulla to take home to Mum, we called them pussy tails back then.  I don't remove any flowers these days and put up with ants, prickles and other discomforts to try and get the best picture.

I recently had some of my photos published in the magazine "For People and Plants", published by the "Friends of Kings Park.  I was happy with the portfolio but see for yourself Download File: FoKP Spring issue portfolio.pdf 

I have travelled to all the states and territories of Australia (living in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide) and have been to parts of Europe, the USA, Canada, parts of Asia, New Zealand and Fiji.  Everywhere there have been wonderful photo opportunities and I have always had a camera with me to record places, people and memories.  My Father always had a camera and I have been lucky enough to inherit his photographic equipment and his love of photography.

Things changed though when I did a wildflower photography workshop focusing (ha ha) on macro techniques.  Seeing the fine details, what is beautiful becomes truly amazing.  I have been captivated by the structures, the multi-layers, the perfect symmetry, the colours of flowers and some are only millimetres in diameter.

For those of you who have seen our wildflowers, I hope these images encourage you to see more and grow your own, for those who haven't seen them before I hope you find them uplifting and inspiring.