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How wonderful to have a healthy obsession which can be so easily nurtured!

Once you "get up close and personal" to our amazing wildflowers it is difficult to stay away.  With more than 12,000 species to be found in my backyard of Western Australia, I won't ever get bored.

A high percentage of West Australian wildflowers can't be found anywhere else, making this State a must-see for tourists from around the world.  The South-West is one of only 34 biodiversity hot spots in the world.

The most prolific flowering season starts in the North of the State in July and works its way South until early November.  Of course, flowers can be seen all year round.  Many Eucalypts flower in the hotter months with Acacias, Hakea and Grevilleas flowering in Winter.

The Wild Beauty collection of images is gradually increasing so do check back regularly. As the seasons change there are many more opportunities for new photos.

Please browse and enjoy the colours and the wonderful symmetry of our native flora.